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Dancing for Better Health: Dance to Live so you can Live to Dance

Dancing is a popular low-impact activity that is recommended by many doctors as a fun way to keep a person’s mind alert, and a body flexible and healthy. Movement through music is a way to harmonize feelings and emotions. My social impact initiative focuses on motivating and encouraging youth who are challenged with obesity and low self-esteem. As a dance instructor, I teach youth to incorporate dance into their weekly routine. Learning to express themselves through the rhythm of dance will lead to better mental, emotional, and physical health. Dancing is my passion and mentoring others is my mission.

My goal is to raise awareness regarding dance as one of the basic exercises that will help improve children’s overall wellbeing. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, statistics show that nearly 40% of the child population is overweight and 20% of adolescents are experiencing mental illness. Educating youth on positive lifestyle habits, including social interaction and physical activity, can lower the risk of emotional and physical disorders. Due to the obsession of technology and sedentary activities, I am deeply concerned about the lack of exercise and lack of positive reinforcement that children receive.

I have been disciplined in dance since the age of four. I am especially proud of my accolades for dancing and for my award-winning choreography. I know that God gave me this gift for a reason. My parents have supported my dream and passion by converting the lower level of our home into a dance studio with ballet bars, mirrors and a dance floor. For six years, I have had the privilege of teaching and encouraging underprivileged children the art of ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Dancing is taught as a form of exercise, fun, and self-awareness at my studio, KP Dance Expressions. Students learn the fundamentals of being creative with dance through self-expression and movement. I also teach liturgical dance at my church. I am a strong believer in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way they should go; and when they are old, they shall not depart from it”. This bible verse guides me as I mentor children to live a healthier life.

Fortunately, the hit TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has shown Americans that dancing can be fun and entertaining too. I choreographed the 2019 winning dance for the Dancing with the Delaware Stars event. This 10th year fundraiser gala raised $200,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. As a Miss Delaware titleholder, I have drawn more attention to strengthening the dance movement in Delaware. So far, I have already taken the initiative and begun hosting dance classes at my university. I would love to organize elementary school dance-a-thons as well.

Winning the state title has also helped me further increase awareness and educate youngsters that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to childhood obesity, social isolation, and depression. My social initiative, Dancing for Better Health” puts a spin on dance as one of the key elements to achieving a healthy mind and body. The Miss Delaware Organization has been an outlet for me to use my God-given talents and disseminate information through social media and social contact. Through sharing and caring, I am committed to help children take steps to become healthier and more productive individuals.

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