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This Page is to help Navigate our website.

At the top of the site is the MENU, you can choose pages by

hovering your cursor over the text "HOME" there you will see a drop down menu. 

your choices will change color as you hover over links. 

When you hover over your choice CLICK to goto your chosen Page.

The MENU is available from every page.

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This website is public but also has a members login. Logging in allows you to chat (Members Chat found on bottom right of website).

We also have visitor chat where you can talk one on one with Owner/Admins of website.

If already a member then click Log in Top RIGHT

If not a member you have 3 choices.

First Option is Sign-up with Facebook

Second Option is Sign up with Google

Third Option is Sign up with Email

(remember to write down and save your password! and remember which option you used to login)

By logging in, you can then post in our General Discussion forum AKA What's UP? which is still viewable by nonmembers as well as members) This section has birth announcements, and may posting and comment sections to communicate in general discussions.

You can Comment, add Photos, Videos, Gif, Links ETC.


This is our members community bulletin board.

Where you can add and interact with our community.

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To post a comment click on "Write a comment" Then Publish to Upload A PHOTO click small camera icon, to Upload a Video from your PC or Smartphone click videocamera icon, to add a Gif or an EMOJI click their icons to choose comment. Then Click PUBLISH!

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Create a New Post by Starting a new Discussion or Ask A Question to get direct answers from the community.

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We have Zoom (A video Conferencing program) To use it you must have a Web Video Camera on your computer or smartphone and the application installed. We have an ID number to join.  

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You can use our built in text chat as a visitor to leave messages for Admin/Owner. When you are member you can group chat with other members while visiting our site. Located on the bottom right of every page.

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Our Donation page has a Donation button that allow you to Donate to our foundation easily and securely thru PayPal. You can also donate to our PO Box via check.

William H & Mary L Boyd Foundation INC.

PO BOX 10462 Wilmington DE 19850

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Our Shop/Store will have merchandise to purchase. Currently you can help with Scholarship donations purchasing directly to our secure Paypal. Click to purchase and items will go into our shopping cart. You can follow instructions from there. Need any help use our Contact page.

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Download Scholarship Application to print and return to us via postal mail.

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