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William H. & Mary L Boyd
Foundation Incorporated


"Our Roots Run Deep"



This Non-Profit is named the William H  and Mary L Boyd Foundation Incorporation because they started the legacy of helping others. This Foundation is honoring both of them by providing Educational Scholarships and Awards for others ! 
Some highlights  that our William and Mary (Pride) Johnson-Boyd planted the seeds for currently are; Business owners (women and men), Corporate VP, Medical Doctors, Medical field studies, Educators, Lawyers,  Military Services, Profession sports members (Dallas Cowboys, Eastern Profession Basketball league, two time Maryland State Gymnastic Champion.

These are a just a few ! 
The dreams will only continue to grow. Siblings like Geraldine Boyd-Whitehead from the time that She finished her “Undergraduate Degree” and went on to obtain her “Master’s Degree”. She has always had a passion for the Family and our History. She has traveled, cataloged and photograph many of the Johnson, Pride, Boyd events and locations. She has reached out for information more than most of the descendants. 
But more help is coming. The next generation is continuing to grow, participate and educate themselves ! This current Generation and the and the next generation and so on, should continue to build this Non-Profit Foundation to reach out and help our Country, Citizens and by doing so will help us all. 

Bill Pride – May 2020 



William H & Mary L Boyd Foundation INC.

PO BOX 10462 Wilmington DE 19850


Bill Pride

Director of Operations




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